Carlos Gamez de Francisco opens exhibit at Moremen Moloney, his first solo show since returning from Chicago

BY: Sara Havens
SOURCE: Insider Louisville
April 12, 2017


Louisville-based Cuban artist Carlos Gamez de Francisco graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago in December, and soon after, he returned home. He’s now preparing for his first solo show since completing his studies — “FAQ’s 1789-1987,” which opens Friday at the Moremen Moloney Contemporary Gallery in Butchertown.

“Comprehensive Study of Modes and Manners” by Carlos Gamez de Francisco
The exhibit features 20 pieces that utilize complex patterns and historical references to various mediums of art — from portraiture to textile design. The artist wants to challenge viewers with this show by manipulating and distorting images that play into their understanding of perception.

In his artist’s statement, Gamez de Francisco says historical context is central to his artwork.

“My life, as a Cuban and now an American, has taught me that when history is represented in storytelling of any kind, it is distorted through the eyes of the one telling (or writing or painting) the story,” he says. “It is further distorted through the eyes or ears of the one who is hearing that story. All history is revised. Only the present is pure.”

Gamez de Francisco explains that the pieces in this show modify historical periods, fashion and images by using insects to further recreate a new reality or context. “Mainly, I recreate my experiences and memories by superimposing them and manipulating historical figures and events,” he says.

Gallery co-owner Susan Moremen tells Insider she’s excited to be hosting Gamez de Francisco’s first show since his return from Chicago. She has known him since he first moved to Louisville from Cuba eight years ago and has watched him continue to challenge himself as an artist.

“I have seen his work change and grow, and it’s wonderful to see him exploring so many different mediums with such skill and confidence,” she says.

“FAQ’s 1789-1987” opens Friday, April 14, with a special reception from 5:30-8 p.m. The exhibit continues through June 3. Moremen Moloney is located at 939 E. Washington St.

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