KyCAD seniors explore conceptual terrain in thesis exhibition

By ELI KEEL Source: Insider Louisville May 11, 2017 A decade ago, Churchill Davenport and Owsley Brown II began investing in what they saw as a crucial yet missing element in the Louisville art scene: a dedicated fine arts school. They founded a school in the urban hub of Louisville, partnering with Spalding University. In… Continue Reading

RENOVATE, CREATE, SKATE:: Group plans to transform New Albany riverfront skatepark into skate-able work of public art

By: JOHN BOYLE Source: News and Tribune Apr 29, 2017 NEW ALBANY — A collaboration to transform New Albany’s riverfront skatepark is currently in the works. On Saturday, the Carnegie Center for Art & History hosted a brainstorming session for the community to share ideas about how the park can be improved. “Today, we invited… Continue Reading

History hurling into a present installation

BY: Elizabeth Kramer , @arts_bureau SOURCE: Courier Journal April 12, 2017 Moremen Moloney Contemporary Introduces opened last fall with an exhibit curated in part by Carlos Gamez de Francisco, the Cuban-born artist whose work attracted acclaim in 2010, not too long after he had made Louisville his home. Now the gallery is giving Gamez de… Continue Reading

Carlos Gamez de Francisco opens exhibit at Moremen Moloney, his first solo show since returning from Chicago

BY: Sara Havens SOURCE: Insider Louisville April 12, 2017 Louisville-based Cuban artist Carlos Gamez de Francisco graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago in December, and soon after, he returned home. He’s now preparing for his first solo show since completing his studies — “FAQ’s 1789-1987,” which opens Friday at the Moremen Moloney Contemporary Gallery… Continue Reading

Exhibit shows lands of utopia – or netherworlds

BY: Elizabeth Kramer , @arts_bureau SOURCE: Courier Journal April 6, 2017 Last year, Indiana University Southeast presented an exhibit of artist Caleb Weintraub’s works, in which he created extraordinary landscapes often populated with figures with heads resembling German bisque dolls. Now, Weintraub, an associate professor of painting at Indiana University, has works displayed at garner… Continue Reading

Fresh and Fascinating

BY: Tonya Abeln | Fashion SOURCE: Voice Tribune April 12, 2017 Gone are the days of the Kentucky Derby when hats served any practical purpose. Now, when putting together a track ensemble, everyone is looking for the next best thing in headwear. This year, Revelry Boutique Gallery may have just found it in paper flower… Continue Reading

Artist paints women to smash preconceived notions of body

BY: Elizabeth Kramer , @arts_bureau SOURCE: Courier Journal March 30, 2017 Pigment Gallery at Mellwood Art Center is showing new work by painter Debra Lott alongside a selection from six previous series of her paintings. Lott primarily paints women and her work endeavors to bring recognition to the preconceived notions about a women’s body and… Continue Reading

Glass works inspired by facets of nature at Flame Run

BY ELIZABETH KRAMER, @arts_bureau Source: Courier Journal March 30, 2017 A basketball scholarship first drove Thomas Spake to college, but after seeing how supple glass became in a hot shop, he dropped the sport to pursue art. This Tennessee artist’s work is now on view at Flame Run in “The World Around Us: Inspiration from… Continue Reading

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